It’s the final stretch before the office closes for the winter holidays. As we know, hosting a holiday luncheon, in-office party or a company-wide event is an easy way for companies to boost morale and create goodwill. In fact, according to our annual survey of over 500 full-time professionals, 78 percent viewed the holiday party as important to corporate culture.

If you’re off to a late start planning your party, here are six tips to bring everyone together for a memorable event, even if it is last minute:

1. Make a List, Check it Twice
Make a list and assign responsibilities, so all details are ready in time for the bash.

2. Pick the Perfect Venue
Hosting in a conference room or the office cafeteria is a perfect solution! To take care of those that ask for an out-of-office          party, go ahead and pick a spot for an after party so people know the fun will continue!

3. Sprinkle in a Meal or Appetizers
No big surprises here: food is one of the most important elements of a successful party. Nearly half (40%) of the employees we asked voted it as the number one factor, with 43% hoping for a full sit-down dinner, and 37% being happy with finger food and nibbles – as long as there’s enough for everyone!

4. Timing is Everything
More than half (52%) of the people we asked prefer to have the party straight after work or at the end of the workweek so they can truly let their hair down.

5. Skip the Decorations
Only 6% of respondents think that decorations are the most important part of a great party – so your budget is better spent elsewhere. Save on the tinsel and order some extra food instead!

6. Let There be Music
When asked what is important for enjoying their company holiday party, music ranked third after food and location. Set the mood for your event with a holiday music mix or pipe in tunes from a Pandora or Spotify Christmas radio station. As the night continues don’t be afraid to liven things up and let employees “shake a leg.” Our survey found that 20% of people ranked dancing as a high priority for their party.

For more details, download our complete guide, An Essential Recipe for Party Perfection, for tips on creating a memorable office holiday party.