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Seamless Taste Test: Tao Group

The Tao Group is an internationally renowned restaurant group, with locations in New York City, Las Vegas and Sydney. The Seamless New York team were lucky enough to host The Tao Group in our office to put some of their mouth-watering menu items from two of their top venues to the test.

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Fall Foodspiration

With pumpkin pie, hearty soups, meaty casseroles, and rich melted cheesy sides, fall is the ultimate season for comfort food. And there’s really no reason to step outside into the rainy, unpredictable fall weather to find the very best US restaurants that’ll deliver to your door. If your office is in need of a fall treat, look no further – we’re delivering gastronomic feasts that’ll keep you cozier than your favorite sweater. You’re welcome.

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Getting Organized for Fall

It’s that time of year again – vacations are coming to an end, students are headed back to class, and summer is officially over. As deadlines that seemed so far away come hurtling around the corner, and as business picks back up, there’s never been a better time to focus on office organization. Here are a few things you can do to tackle the fall head-on, and get your office back up to speed.

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Celebrating the Olympics in Your Office

The Rio Olympics have been full of highs and lows, with dramatic wins and painful losses, countrywide celebrations and history-making achievements. As the Olympics wrap up this week, there’s still chance to capitalize on Olympic fever in the workplace, and celebrate the diversity and competition that the games offer on a global scale. Here are our top tips to make your workplace medal-worthy.

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Around the World in 5 Olympic Themed Office Meals

The Rio Olympics are here, providing the perfect excuse for a little office celebration (and some friendly competition). While the games deliver the sights and sounds of Rio directly to TV screens in homes and workplaces around the globe, we’re busy delivering flavorsome dishes to represent every country competing. To celebrate the diversity of sportsmanship (and food!), here’s a round up of some of the more interesting and unusual International cuisines sure to inject some Olympic spirit into your workplace.
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The Scoop on Nick Iovacchini from Distilled NY

For over three years, Distilled NY has been feeding hungry New Yorkers from their popular Tribeca restaurant – and around a year ago, they also decided to branch out into the corporate catering world. We chatted to CEO Nick Iovacchini to find out how and why Distilled NY got involved with catering clients through Seamless.

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Want to beat the summer motivation slump?

With the hot, heady days of summer upon us, and countless of coworkers out for vacation, it’s easy to see why lethargy can become an epidemic at this time of year. While many organizations may slow down, summer can provide a great opportunity to whip up morale, and prepare for busier times ahead. Here are our top tips to make sure your workplace gets the most out of summer.

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How to Plan the Perfect Office Picnic

Whether you’re a 3-person startup or a corporation with thousands of employees, a summer picnic can be a perfect way to add some feel-good summer vibes to the office. Organize your event on a weekend and allow your team to bring their families, or let your staff loose for an afternoon and bring a breath of fresh air to their day.

Choose a Dream Theme
A fun theme adds an extra element of interest for employees, and takes a picnic from a casual gathering to a special event. And don’t forget, many of the best themes can be brought to life with picnic-friendly food types! Consider a rock-n-roll theme with burgers, fries and live music, or an outdoor cinema picnic featuring popcorn, candy and hot dogs.

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Everyone has a favorite go-to lunch spot. But in a gastronomically endowed city like San Francisco, there’s no one perfect place to suit every single occasion, especially if you’re catering to an office full of different appetites. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of five lunch powerhouses that are the only restaurant names you need in your little black book. From board meetings, to casual group gatherings, to sugar-fuelled brainstorms – these hotspots will feed productivity every day of the working week – and they’ll deliver to your door, too.

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