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Putting productivity on the menu

The New Year brings new challenges and new resolutions – but did you know that your diet can play a huge role in meeting your goals? Eating the right nutritious food can keep your energy levels steady, boost your mood, and leave you ready to tackle anything that 2017 throws at you. Here are some menu ideas to get you started.

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Seamless Taste Test: ChoptBox

Health-conscious foodies looking for a new office snack option will love ChoptBox – the latest innovation by Chopt Creative Salad Company. The Seamless team are big Chopt fans, and were naturally thrilled when they invited us to sample the ChoptBox for ourselves.

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4 Ways to Fuel Employees This Winter with Office Food

Brrr…it’s cold out there. Along with low temperatures (and snow for many parts of the country), winter can bring sniffling noses, sluggishness, and added stress to the office. Here are four ways related to office food to keep cold weather culprits at bay and help your employees stay healthy, happy, and productive this winter.

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Fall Foodspiration

With pumpkin pie, hearty soups, meaty casseroles, and rich melted cheesy sides, fall is the ultimate season for comfort food. And there’s really no reason to step outside into the rainy, unpredictable fall weather to find the very best US restaurants that’ll deliver to your door. If your office is in need of a fall treat, look no further – we’re delivering gastronomic feasts that’ll keep you cozier than your favorite sweater. You’re welcome.

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Around the World in 5 Olympic Themed Office Meals

The Rio Olympics are here, providing the perfect excuse for a little office celebration (and some friendly competition). While the games deliver the sights and sounds of Rio directly to TV screens in homes and workplaces around the globe, we’re busy delivering flavorsome dishes to represent every country competing. To celebrate the diversity of sportsmanship (and food!), here’s a round up of some of the more interesting and unusual International cuisines sure to inject some Olympic spirit into your workplace.
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Everyone has a favorite go-to lunch spot. But in a gastronomically endowed city like San Francisco, there’s no one perfect place to suit every single occasion, especially if you’re catering to an office full of different appetites. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of five lunch powerhouses that are the only restaurant names you need in your little black book. From board meetings, to casual group gatherings, to sugar-fuelled brainstorms – these hotspots will feed productivity every day of the working week – and they’ll deliver to your door, too.

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Summer Menu Ideas That Will Help Your Team Sizzle

Summer is finally here! But for a lot of people, summer can mean long days at your desk, looking out of the window, wishing you were in the sun. So why not bring a little summer indoors? Check out these great ideas to simultaneously heat things up and chill things out in your workplace.

Any day of the week is perfect for an ice cream sundae social! Whether you order in your neighborhood’s best scoops, or everyone contributes a flavor or topping, office sundae parties are a fantastic way to inject a little fun into your workplace. Set out your ice creams, toppings, and syrups in a central location, and watch the joy unfold before your very eyes.

Some sources claim that on a hot day, there’s nothing better than a little heat to cool you down. The science says that spicy foods can open your pores and help you get rid of a little extra temperature – but either way, it sounds like a great excuse to share something delicious. Whether you order up a burrito bar, spicy salsas or zinging’ chicken, it’s a great way to spice up lunchtime.

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Five LA lunch spots you HAVE to try

Working lunches can take many different forms in LA. Whether you’re organizing a relaxed social gathering, a business lunch to impress, or a quick bite on the go – we’ve got you covered. These are our go-to spots for outstanding food delivered right to your door, so you can enjoy an incredible lunch without even having to leave the office.

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