What’s the difference and what makes sense for your company?

For most companies, food is one of the top workplace expenses. From a catered meeting to dinner for employees working late, some companies spend upwards of six figures on food related costs. Behind the scenes, the management of ordering food can be a tedious, time-consuming task.

We want to simplify that process, as do a number of competitors. To do that Seamless has built a sophisticated technology platform to streamline the food ordering process, while other new entrants attempt to meet the needs of corporate customers with a full service catering concierge solution. For some companies the concierge approach may be a perfect fit, but for many others the solution may come up short. If you’re evaluating a catering concierge, there are a few things to consider:

What is your definition of convenient food ordering?

For your recurring catered office meals, catering concierges’ full-service solutions will provide the following:

  • Develop your catered meal menus
  • Manage any dietary restrictions
  • Place your order, deliver the food, and in some cases handle food set up

You’re probably thinking – that sounds pretty convenient. Yes, while having a 3rd party manage your meals, may save some time, you might also experience the following:

  • You often get fewer food choices – they are setting the menu for you
  • There’s less flexibility when you need something last minute

With an all-in-one online food and billing platform for all types of orders, the convenience you’ll experience includes:

  • Access to hundreds of restaurants and caterers, giving you greater food variety
  • Easy-to-use ordering technology to handle catering, individual and group orders
  • Ability to re-order a favorite meal without having to call an account manager.

Overall, placing food orders is fast and you’ve got the flexibility to place last minute and future orders without the hassle of going back and forth with an account manager.

Is you company concerned with streamlining office food expenses?

Does it surprise you to learn, on average, a company spends $26.63 to manually process a paper-based expense report? This is according to PayStream Advisors’ 2015 Travel and Expense Management benchmarking report.

While catering concierges may be well- priced, they do little to streamline the accounting process.

With an all-in-one online food platform, rather than having to collect and process dozens, or for some companies hundreds, of invoices, companies get one consolidated invoice. This is a feature that greatly simplifies the billing process. Plus instead of dealing with multiple caterers and food vendors, you simply look at one report.

In addition to the automation component, all-in-one solutions bring spend controls and visibility to the CFO. A company can easily set daily, weekly or monthly spending limits for each employee, ensuring that no one goes overboard. Moreover, the system provides access to expense data more quickly and easily than with manual, paper-based systems. Such enhanced reporting capability makes it simpler to monitor food-related spending trends and keep a record of expenses—something many CFOs are missing right now.

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