What will you serve at your next employee meeting? What snacks are you stocking in your office kitchen? You might be surprised to learn that pizza and candy are out, salads and fresh fruits are in.

According to our recent Food in the Workplace Survey of over 1,000 office employees, an overwhelming majority (81 percent) want healthy options, when it comes to the type of food workers want served at company meetings and events.


With more Americans embracing healthier lifestyles and diets, it makes sense for companies to heed the call and start offering employees healthier snack, lunch and catering options—particularly when healthier foods have been found to improve productivity, lower absenteeism, and even enhance moods.

Needs some healthy menu ideas to get started? Check out our latest guide 5 Easy Ways to Turn Food into Fuel at the Office for edible ideas that will get your employees excited to grab a plate, but won’t turn them into zombies by 3 p.m. From what ingredients to look for on catering menus to healthy snack ideas, our guide will help you fuel the innovation and creativity your office needs.

Click here to download the guide.

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