Sell Out Sweeps: Expose your office for personal gain

It’s not business. It’s personal. Either way – we want an intro to your office.

One friendly betrayal has never hurt anyone, especially when it comes to winning FREE lunch just for you, for a whole month! And, if your loyalty is ever questioned, we’ll also give you the opportunity to win an “Office Party” (that’s food!) for you and your unknowing colleagues.

Here’s the insider info we’ll need. Did we say insider? We just meant info. Yep, completely legal insider information:

  •    First/Last Name
  •    Email Address
  •    Company Name
  •    Postal Zip Code
  •    Office Manager First/Last Name
  •    Office Manager Email Address

Your treachery is commendable and all in good fun… and food! Plus, if it’s a match between Seamless and you’re office – there could be a promotion in it for you! President of Food Happiness – it sounds like a great gig.

Thank You and Good Luck!

Enter Today.