As the holiday frenzy begins to wind down, many employees begin to look for ways to give their New Year’s resolutions a jump start. According to a Nielsen survey, “staying fit and healthy” was a top resolution for 2015—and will likely continue in 2016. Why not celebrate the New Year with an office “make-over,” one that will help employees achieve their wellness goals. Here are six fun, easy ideas to jumpstart your team in 2016!

Form a wellness team – Boost productivity with happy, healthy employees. The American Heart Association’s Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit is a great resource for companies who want to implement policies and activities related to health and wellness. Form a wellness team with employees from different divisions within the company; survey colleagues to gather ideas; and launch an in-house marketing campaign to foster excitement and support new changes.

Establish a lunch and learn series –Survey your team to determine what health and wellness topics they are interested in learning more about. Then, recruit speakers to present during the lunch hour and encourage staff to attend. Entice participation by providing a free lunch that complements the presentation. Looking for more corporate catering ideas? Download our helpful guide, 5 Easy Ways to Turn Food into Fuel at the Office.

Take stock of snacks – Now that the holidays have come and gone, it’s time to swap out those candy dishes and cookie trays for healthier alternatives! Consider bowls with fresh fruit throughout the week; replace candy with high protein nuts or trail mix; stock the refrigerator with water, Greek yogurt and cheese. Ready to take it to the next level? Task the wellness team to assess the vending machine and determine what items should be replaced with healthier alternatives.

Commit to hosting healthy meetings – Start the New Year off right by developing a list of healthy lunch options to serve throughout the year. Identify “go-to” restaurants and corporate caterers who can provide healthier options for attendees. Participants will thank you for promoting a healthier environment, and you save time by establishing menus in advance.

Increase opportunities for physical activity – Often times, employees lack the motivation to exercise after a long workday. Make it feasible to rack up 30 minutes of activity throughout the day by incorporating some of these ideas:

  • Map out a 1-mile walking path on the company property or inside the halls. Provide tracking sheets for employees to monitor accumulated miles and offer incentives for participation.
  • Post signs to encourage use of stairs instead of elevators.
  • Create an on-site gym, or partner with local fitness facilities for a discounted rate.

Provide motivation – Everyone can benefit from inspiration. Post motivational quotes around the office, feature employee success stories in the company newsletter, or compliment a colleague who has achieved a fitness goal.

Make 2016 your office’s best year yet!