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White Paper: More Bread for Less Dough

Calculating the actual cost of all the food that’s brought into the office is a tricky business. It’s like navigating around an iceberg. The invoice amount – that nice round number that totals the menu prices of the food – is the easy-to-see chunk of ice that sticks out of the water. And just like an iceberg, there’s always something deeper, hidden just below the surface. In this case, it’s the real cost of feeding your office. Whether it’s catered meetings, celebratory employee events, or dinner for individuals working late, the hidden costs of these food purchases can drive up the true cost by nearly 30 percent – and most companies are unaware of the impact it has on the bottom line. This paper will help you identify the most common hidden costs – from employee abuse to time-wasting procedures – and most importantly, explain how online food ordering and billing services can help eliminate them.

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White Paper: Build It, and They Will Come

Creating a corporate culture that attracts and retains the talent you want

The best companies in the world don’t attract top talent just because they offer higher starting salaries. They do it by offering a workplace environment that motivates, inspires and challenges talented people. It’s not just the Zappos and Googles of the world that can build successful businesses by fostering culture, but they have proven how important it is. Today, companies are taking the idea of “culture” more seriously than ever before. For those companies striving to attract and retain top talent, culture is fast becoming a strategic imperative.
This paper will explore what employees are looking for, common practices from some of the most sought-after-to-work-for companies, and most importantly, easy-to-implement ideas to foster an organic culture at your organization.

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Food Happiness, Delivered

Food Happiness, Delivered.

Discover how easy feeding your office and managing your company’s food expenses can be with Seamless.

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