Interested in a Corporate Account?

General Information

How can I sign my company up for Seamless?
If you're interested in opening an account with Seamless, please fill out this form ( online and someone will follow up with you.
Where can I use Seamless?
Seamless currently serves 40 cities in the US and UK including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, select areas in Connecticut and New Jersey, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and London.  
What is Seamless?
Seamless is a fast and easy way to order food online from the best local restaurants and caterers. For companies, it's a cost savings tool that simplifies and streamlines the process or ordering food and paying for those purchases.


Do you add requested restaurants?
We are constantly adding new restaurants based on recommendations from our clients. Whilst we cannot guarantee that all requested restaurants will choose to participate, our success rate at signing up requested restaurants is extremely high.  In fact, we get approached by several dozen restaurants each week that want to join Seamless, and we only consider adding restaurants that have been highly requested by our clients.
How does the Seamless Group Order work?
Group Order enables a group of employees to place individual orders from pre-selected restaurants with deliveries at a time of an administrator's choosing. Each order will arrive individually bagged and labeled for easy distribution.
Would our employees be able to use their own credit cards to purchase food through Seamless?
When a user logs into the site, the first question that is asked is “Who is being billed for this meal?”  The options are “Firm Account” or “Personal Credit Card”.  If the user selects “Firm Account” that user’s business rules will be applied to the order and the order will appear on the company’s single, electronic invoice.  If the user selects “Personal Credit Card” the business rules will not apply and the order will not appear on the company’s invoice.

Accounting & Billing

Are Seamless invoices compatible with a variety of accounting systems?
Many of our clients upload their Seamless invoices directly into their accounting system.  We have created a number of different download formats that capture all of the relevant billing information for the corresponding fields in your accounting package.
What type of information will be available to my accounting department?
The Seamless invoices will include all of the information that your accounting department requires, including the name of the person who placed the order, who they ordered with, the time and date of the order, any appropriate billing codes, department codes, and all amounts broken out by product total, gross, net, VAT and the total transaction amount.
We bill almost all of our food purchases out to our clients, how can your system help us keep track of this?
Prior to submitting an order, employees will be required to input a billing code (client-matter number/deal code/project code, etc.).  Therefore, your invoice will contain all the billing information that your accounting department needs to post out food charges to the appropriate client, deal or department immediately.
How do we set up multiple locations for our various offices?
Just let us know which locations you would like to include and we will add them as available options on the site.

Existing Client?

Log-in Help:

How do I change my Password?
After logging in, go to My Account, in the upper right of the screen. Enter and confirm your new username and/or password, and click Save.
Can I have the Seamless site remember by Username and Password?
The website will automatically remember your username, but not your password. For security reasons you will be asked to enter your password each time you enter the site.
I am having trouble logging in.
Your username and password are randomly generated by our system. At times, a member may mistake a "zero" for an "O" or an "L" for a "One". Try first copying and pasting your username and password into the log in. Once you are logged in, you can change your password by clicking the My Account link in the Seamless task bar in the upper-right of the screen. If you are still have trouble, then email or or call us at 800.905.9322, option 2. If you are located in the UK, call 020 3318 1875, option 1.
What do I do if I forget my username or password?
Go to Forgot your password? Enter your email address and click Submit. Your password will be emailed to you instantly.

Ordering Help:

How is the tip amount determined?
For the majority of restaurants and caterers (in the US), the tip for the delivery person defaults to ten percent of your total, rounded up to the nearest $0.25 increment. For orders less than $20.00, the tip defaults to $2.00. You may adjust the tip amount by clicking the arrow to the right of the tip box. Some restaurants do require minimum tips. In this case, the option to adjust a tip lower will not be allowed. In the UK, the tip defaults to 0.00, but you may apply a tip if you so wish.
How do I know that my order went through?
Once you click on Place Order at Step 4 you will be brought to the Seamless thank you page. You can rest assured that your order has been sent electronically to the restaurant. To confirm that your order went through, you can access a copy of your order by clicking on Order History link in the Seamless task bar in the upper-right of the screen.
How do I know that the restaurant received my order?
Once you click on Place Order, your order is electronically sent to the restaurant. Your order automatically prints at the restaurant with a random two-digit confirmation code located at the bottom of the print out. The restaurant types the confirmation code and sets an estimated delivery time for your order. An order confirmation email is then sent to you confirming receipt of your order.
How do I change or cancel my order after I have placed it?
If you place your order and then realize that you need to change or cancel it, call the restaurant directly. The restaurant's phone number is provided with your email confirmation and on the Restaurant page of the website (Step 3 of 4). Once you have canceled or changed the order with the restaurant, you need to notify Seamless of the change or cancellation by responding to your email confirmation.
I did not receive an email order confirmation.
You should receive your email order confirmation within 2-4 minutes of placing your order. If you did not receive your email confirmation, then please first confirm that you are receiving outside email and that your confirmation has not ended up in a spam folder in your email. If the problem persists, then it could be that your firm provided the wrong email address for you or that your firm's email server is marking our confirmations as spam. In any case, please contact us by emailing or calling our customer service at 800.905.9322, option 2 (US) or 020 3318 1875, option 1 (UK). You can check the status of your order by clicking on Order History link in the Seamless task bar in the upper-right of the screen.
I am having trouble placing an order through Seamless.
Please call Seamless customer service at 800.905.9322, option 2 or if you are located in the UK, call 020 3318 1875, option 1. One of our representatives will be happy to walk you through the site or place an order on your behalf.

Allocation Help:

How do I divide the cost of my order among multiple users and multiple expense codes?
When you get to the Allocation page (Step 4 of 4) your name will appear in the User column. Enter an Expense Code in the box to the right of your name. To add a User, click Add User. Boxes for additional user's names, expense codes, and allocation amounts will appear. Enter the additional user's name and click Verify. Click the name of the additional user and enter an expense code for that user. Finally, allocate a portion of the meal cost to the additional user by clicking Divide Cost Evenly or by manually allocating the cost of the meal. There is no limit to the number of users you may add to an order.
How do I place an order for someone other than me?
Log in with your Username and Password. When you get to the Allocation page your name appears in the User column. Click Delete next to your name. Boxes for an additional user's name, expense code, and allocation amount will appear. Enter all or a portion of your colleague's name and click Verify. Choose your colleagues from the list that appears, and enter the appropriate expense code or client-matter number. When the restaurant confirms your order, an email confirmation will be generated to both you (if you remain on the order) and your colleague.

Billing Help:

There were items missing from my order and I want the bill to be adjusted.
Please reply to your order confirmation email ( letting us know what items were missing and we will update the order for you.
Where can I find a record of my past orders?
The email that you receive to confirm your order includes your receipt. Additionally, you can access all of your past orders by clicking Order History. To review a receipt for past orders, click the Order Number and the receipt will appear.
How do I change the expense code or other firm-specific information that I entered on the Allocation page after I’ve placed my order?
Seamless can update the billing information as long as the order has not been invoiced to your firm. You can request a billing change by responding to your email order confirmation or emailing If the order has already been billed to your firm, then you will need to contact your accounting department to have the information changed or your Seamless administrator can adjust the billing code through the admin tool.

My Account Help:

How do I find out my firm’s rules and restrictions?
All rules are set-up internally by your firm administrator. Please contact your firm administrator regarding budgetary rules, your approved ordering times and general Seamless access.
Can I save my credit card information to expedite placing orders?
Yes, simply log into the Seamless site and click on My Account in the upper right of the screen. There you can enter your credit card information and click Save. When placing an order using credit card, then your credit card information will automatically populate at check out. Please note that this information is secure and encrypted.

Pick Up Ordering Help:

How does a pick up order work?
If your company has allowed pick up orders, then the ordering process is the same as a standard Seamless delivery order - select your starting address (where you'll be picking the order up from), choose from the restaurants available for pickup, add items to your order from the menu (no need to worry about delivery minimums!), checkout and then go get your food (that means no delivery tip necessary!). Important: You will need to bring your ID when picking up your order.
How do I get my food?
Pick up orders will not be delivered - you have to pick up your food in person at the restaurant. Just arrive at the time listed in your confirmation email with your ID, sign the slip, and the food is yours. If you'd like to confirm that your food is ready before heading out, please feel free to call the restaurant. Remember that you will need to bring your ID when picking up your order.
Why are there no pick up restaurants available?
We're only currently offering pickup at select restaurants in New York, San Francisco and London. If your firm address doesn't fall into a walkable distance from any of these restaurants, you won't see any restaurants on Step 2. Not to worry, you can still place delivery orders.

Report an Issue:

I received a confirmation estimating my time of delivery and now the order is late.
Seamless electronically conveys your order to the restaurant. The restaurant confirms your order by typing a random two-digit confirmation number located at the bottom of the order print out and setting an estimated delivery time for your order. To check on the status of your order, please contact the restaurant directly. The restaurant phone number can be found on your order email confirmation or on the website.
Where is my food?
It is most efficient for you to contact the restaurant regarding the status of your order. The restaurant's phone number is available on your e-mail order confirmation and on the website.
My food arrived but there is something with my order.
It is most efficient for you to contact the restaurant directly so they can quickly offer you a resolve. The restaurant's phone number is available on your e-mail order confirmation and on the website. If you do not wish to have the restaurant correct your order, then please respond to your order email confirmation letting us know of the issue. We will adjust the order for billing purposes, if need be, and follow up with the restaurant.
Who should I call if there is a problem with my order?
The restaurant is the best initial contact for order inquiries. If your order is late or the restaurant made a mistake in fulfilling your order, please contact them directly. The restaurant's phone number is provided with your email confirmation and on the Restaurant page of the Web site (Step 3 of 4). Of course, Seamless customer service representatives are always standing by to help. You may contact them through email by replying to your order email confirmation ( or by calling 800.905.9322, option 2 (US) or 020 3318 1875, option 1 (UK).